Frequently Asked Questions

We Know You Want to Know
Is this social media/digital marketing?

We use social media for our professional image but unfortunately no we're face to face promotional event marketing agency

How are KPIs measured?

Measured through a system where we can keep track of all of the gauges and numbers

Do you guys look for people with marketing experience?

Not necessarily we just look for people that are humble to learn and progress fast in diverse work space, while being successful on the campaigns we have here.

Why the name Olympiad?

Our culture is based on healthy competition, Fun and the hunger to strive to be number one and hit the goals that people set for themselves to hit. Similar to the Olympic games where people compete to win the gold medal, but also to bring bring peace and unity with all the international countries.

Why Face to Face?

We do face to face because it gets the customer to get the product on the spot, it’s measurable, and we can tailor to their needs. If they have questions they want to ask we can answer in person. But we also like to create a personal interaction with them to have them to continue to use our service, to provide the client more market share.

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